You'll Never Get Rich

Er en Romantik, Musik, Komedie film instrueret af Sidney Lanfield med skuespillerne Rita Hayworth, Osa Massen, Guinn 'Big Boy' Williams, Frieda Inescort fra 2003

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An eccentric New York theater owner has his eye on the beautiful chorus girl Sheila Winthrop (Rita Hayworth). His wife has her eye on him. Sheila has her eye on the show's choreographer Robert Curtis (Fred Astaire). Having been discovered, the boss throws Robert into the middle of a comedic cover-up that eventually forces Robert to flee into the Army. Robert will never get rich as a private, but at least he's out of his predicament - or is he? When Rita Hayworth was paired to star opposite Fred Astaire in the musical comedy "You'll Never Get Rich," the press speculated that the two might be mismatched. Then Columbia Pictures head Harry Cohen insisted on the pairing, and correctly so. All skeptics were silenced as Hayworth more than proved her dancing abilities, establishing her as one of the best partners Astaire ever had - Ginger Rodgers notwithstanding. She quite literally became Columbia's hottest property of the '40s with LIFE magazine quickly dubbing her the "Love Goddess" of Hollywood. The film's many accolades include Academy Award nominations for Best Scoring of a Musical Picture and the featured hit song "Since I Kissed My Baby Goodbye" by Cole Porter.

You'll Never Get Rich


Genre Romantik, Musik, Komedie
Originaltitel You'll Never Get Rich
Instruktør Sidney Lanfield
Udgivelsesår 2003
Tags musikalske(musical), hær(army), Broadway
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