The Return of the Neanderthal Man

Er en Romantik, Komedie film instrueret af Florian Steinbiss med skuespillerne Sarah Muehlhause, Rosalind Ayres, Norbert Alich, Jon Chardiet fra 2014

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In this Euro-screwball comedy, which plays with multiple genres and narrative styles, Florian Steinbiss tells the story of a Neanderthal Man who mysteriously rematerializes in modern day Germany and seeks sanctuary in the garden of Barbara van Schmerling, a 23-year-old student of Environmental Planning. To save and protect this ‘last living evidence of former humanity and naturalness´ from exploitation by a P.T. Barnum wannabe and a power-crazed media savvy anthropologist, Barbara takes him under her wing. Failing to protect him from the corrupting influences of Western Civilization, her altruistic feelings turn romantic, threatening either to compromise her ethics, or lose the only person – or primitive – she ever truly loved. Meanwhile, the Neanderthal must choose between Barbara, the only person who loves him for what he really is, and the siren call of fame, suitcases of money, and easy access to gummy bears. Some images resonate and remain with us. We want to see them over and again. The Return of the Neanderthal Man, an award-winning film, has been connecting with people just like that. At its core, connections are a cave man and a self-directed, collegiate young woman of today. The film is mesmerizing, a thoughtful Beauty and the Beast, sci-fi, comedy of manners, political and social satire, that sticks with viewers young and old. Never totally serious, The Return of the Neanderthal Man has a raucous and riotous cast of characters including: precocious female college students, straight forward maintenance workers, patriot chiefs,  two questionable professors, crazy doctors, hired guns, anthropologists, tabloid personnel, sensational TV, and the gamut of spoofs on satire, social criticism, silent movies, experimental film, the surreal and the absurd! In truth, viewers have a good time, they laugh, they are entertained, maybe overwhelmed by the multi level story telling and various genres and styles, which is a great thing.

The Return of the Neanderthal Man


Genre Romantik, Komedie
Originaltitel Neander-Jin: The Return of the Neanderthal Man
Instruktør Florian Steinbiss
Udgivelsesår 2014
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