Sanam Re

Er en Romantik, Drama film instrueret af Divya Khosla Kumar med skuespillerne Yami Gautam, Pulkit Samrat, Urvashi Rautela, Rishi Kapoor fra 2016

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Akash,(six) lives with his parents and grandfather (Rishi Kapoor), a photographer. Akash's grandfather predicts that Akash will fall in love with a girl who lives 500 steps away from their studio and that they will be in love forever but won't be able to be together. Akash takes the 500 steps and finds a tall girl older than him, disappointed. An adult Akash (Pulkit Samrat) falls in love with his classmate Shruti (Yami Gautam), believing that Shruti is the one. However, Akash leaves Shruti to pursue his dreams and moves to the city for higher studies. In the present, Akash works for a private firm and leads a monotonous life. When he learns that his grandfather's health has worsened, he decides to leave. He tries to find Shruti but fails. When he finds that his boss (Manoj Joshi) dismissed him, he rushes back and is asked to secure a big contract for his company if he wants to save his job. He travels to Canada to meet Mrs. Pablo, their company investor's wife who is now broken-up with her husband. He attends a yoga camp, where he becomes friends with Mrs. Pablo and learns that her real name is Akanksha (Urvashi Rautela). Akash also meets Shruti there, who behaves like a tomboy. Akash pretends to be in love with Akansha to secure the contract, but he and Shruti fall in love again. It is also revealed that Akansha is none other than the tall girl that Akash met in his childhood. Akash is left heartbroken when Shruti leaves at the end of the camp, saying that they can't be together. Akash realizes Shruti still loves him and embarks on a journey to find the truth with the help of Akansha. He learns that she left him because she is suffering from a rare heart disease; she will die if her heart isn't transplanted soon. A few months later, Shruti moves out of the hospital, healthy and cured. In order to be with Akash, she moves to the city to find him and is left shocked and heartbroken when she learns that she survived because Akash donated his heart to her.

Sanam Re


Genre Romantik, Drama
Instruktør Divya Khosla Kumar
Udgivelsesår 2016