Seeing Double

Er en Musik, Familie film instrueret af Nigel Dick med skuespillerne Rachel Stevens, Jon Lee, Bradley Mcintosh, Jo O'Meara fra 2003

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Join international pop music sensations S CLUB (Rachel, Hannah, Jon, Tina, Bradley and Jo) as they sing, dance and charm their way into and out of trouble in this hysterical, rocking, big screen adventure! It's hard work being a member of one of the world's most popular bands! After S Club complains to their manager about how tired they from the demanding life on the road, they wake up to find that the tour has moved on without them. When they discover that an evil scientist has been cloning pop stars including all six members of S Clubit's time for them to get to work! Crazy, funny and completely entertaining get set for some great beats, plenty of big laughs and one wild and zany ride!

Seeing Double


Genre Musik, Familie
Originaltitel Seeing Double
Instruktør Nigel Dick
Udgivelsesår 2003
Tags musik(music), band, bubblegum pop
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