Reach for the Sky

Er en Drama film instrueret af Lewis Gilbert med skuespillerne Nigel Green, Ronald Adam, Beverley Brooks, Muriel Pavlow fra 1956

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This is the remarkable true story of Douglas Bader, a pilot in the RAF who overcomes every obstacle to prove his worth. He is a young and ambitious pilot who, after a plane crash, is badly injured. Although doctors expect him to die, he survives but loses both his legs. As his colleagues prepare for his horror and devastation, they find instead a determination in him which refuses to be changed by the accident. He re-enters the RAF where he is determined to continue his career as a pilot. Stars Kenneth More, Muriel Pavlow and Lyndon Brooks.

Reach for the Sky


Genre Drama
Originaltitel Reach for the Sky
Instruktør Lewis Gilbert
Udgivelsesår 1956
Tags ulykke(accident), pilot, biografi(biography), verden krig II(world war ii), baseret på en true historie(based on a true story), royal luft kraft raf(royal air force (raf))
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