Bank Robber

Er en Komedie, Thriller film instrueret af Nick Mead med skuespillerne Lisa Bonet, Don Perry, Patrick Dempsey, Lila Cazes fra 1993

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Dapper bank robber Billy (Patrick Dempsey) plans one final heist in order to buy a sailboat and sail away with his cheating girlfriend Selina. A misstep involving the security cameras leads to Billy's face being broadcast all over the news, and he retreats to the seedy "Heartbreak Hotel" to wait for the heat to die down. It doesn't take long for his fellow patrons to begin extorting him for their silence. The mounting pressure and discovery of Selina being unfaithful push Billy into the arms of a prostitute named Priscilla, who soon falls for him.

Bank Robber


Genre Komedie, Thriller
Originaltitel Bank Robber
Instruktør Nick Mead
Udgivelsesår 1993
Tags Bank røveri(bank robbery), Motel
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