Chasing Shadows

Er en Dokumentar film instrueret af Nelson Quan med skuespillerne Terry Cuttle, Rod Sims, Eivind Trondsen, Deidre Sorensen fra 2015

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Chasing the eclipse across the globe. For most people, total solar eclipses are once in a lifetime occurrences. Not for Geoff Sims - a professional photographer and astronomer, he has captured many eclipses on many continents. From Ethiopia to the Arctic circle, he has travelled the globe in pursuit of solar eclipses, resulting in a stunning portfolio of unique images. This stunning doc follows Geoff at work, as he tracks and records these rare and beautiful occurrences.

Chasing Shadows


Genre Dokumentar
Originaltitel Chasing Shadows
Instruktør Nelson Quan
Udgivelsesår 2015
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