Wheat and Tares

Er en Dokumentar film instrueret af Suzanne Arts fra 2014

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"I'm going to be here all that weekend, I'm going on suicide watch, they won't even know," Kevin says with a tremble in his voice. His parents think the world is going to end in a couple of days and their belief is so sincere it has rocked their family to its core. For Kevin, the fact they've quit their jobs and given up all other aspects of their life in order to get closer to God is terrifying. "I'm just hoping they're paying their bills, or one day I'm going to be sitting here and the electricity will go out." They believe the world's going to end because radio preacher Harold Camping has told them so. According to the faithful, a great earthquake will roll all around the world killing most of the world's population and transporting the saved to a new divine level. "We don't know who these people are, but we know there's about 200 million people that God's interested in saving." Candance explains to a couple of teenagers who stop to pick up her leaflet. But why are all these people so eager to accept Camping's doomsday prediction? Dig deeper and each person reveals a fascinating internal explanation for their faith. Darlene, almost at her wit's end with family members who don't believe her, finds the approach of the end of the world has provided a clarity and meaning that wasn't there before: "It's so funny all the years I was working like a maniac to make money and being careless in my actions but I was sane then. But now when I have total faith in my Lord...and really come to a place where I'm happy, now I'm crazy." Tick tock, tick tock the hours and seconds count down ... the hour arrives ... but nothing happens. "This is a big deal and I've got to think it out." Camping says in the hours after the 21st comes and goes. So how did the faithful take it? They are so rocked to their core they can't return to being their normal selves. "To me it almost feels like a death in a way." Candance says. "It changes you and you can't go back."

Wheat and Tares


Genre Dokumentar
Originaltitel Wheat And Tares
Instruktør Suzanne Arts, Stefan WitteKamp
Udgivelsesår 2014
Tags Nyheder(news)
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