Er en Musik, Familie , Drama film instrueret af Dave Schram med skuespillerne Dorus Witte, Hans Pos, Robin Boissevain, Stefan Collier fra 2013

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Jochem is not having an easy time of it at school. He is being bullied by Sanne’s gang. Their class teacher Tino is much too busy playing the cool guy to his students to take action. This irritates David, one of the other students, but he is afraid to do anything about it himself. Then Tino the teacher organises a party for the class and agrees to let David, Youssef, Niels andNienke’s band play. David is hoping this will impress Vera, the cutest girl in class. When that plan goes completely down the drain, David stops looking out for Jochem, who is being bullied worse than ever. The next morning the head teacher tells the class that Jochem never came home after the party.



Genre Musik, Familie , Drama
Instruktør Dave Schram
Udgivelsesår 2013