Fake Tattoos

Er en Romantik, Drama film instrueret af Pascal Plante med skuespillerne Rémi Goulet, Nicole-Sylvie Lagarde, Anyjeanne Savaria, Brigitte Poupart fra 2017

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Theo spends his 18th birthday alone, getting drunk at a punk rock show. There, he meets Mag, a teenage girl who invites him to spend the night at her place. A love story starts between them, but Theo has to leave the city at the end of summer.

Fake Tattoos


Genre Romantik, Drama
Originaltitel Les faux tatouages
Instruktør Pascal Plante
Udgivelsesår 2017
Tags Kærlighed(love), tatovering(tattoo), beruset(drunk), fødselsdag(birthday), teenager
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