A Very Cool Christmas

Er en Familie , Komedie, Eventyr film instrueret af Sam Irvin med skuespillerne Ryan Mcdonell, Barclay Hope, George Hamilton, Malcolm Scott fra 2004

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Sixteen-year-old Lindsay (Brooke Nevin) wants nothing to do with Christmas, especially when it comes to hanging out with her mom, dad and little sister Alexa (Jodelle Ferland). But after meeting Santa Claus (George Hamilton) at the mall, her life--and his--are transformed forever! When Lindsay gives Santa a modern-day makeover, he decides to repay her and brings her along for the ride Christmas Eve. Only then does Lindsay come face-to-face with the true meaning and spirit of the holidays. A heart-warming comedy the whole family will love!

A Very Cool Christmas


Genre Familie , Komedie, Eventyr
Originaltitel A Very Cool Christmas
Instruktør Sam Irvin
Udgivelsesår 2004
Tags jul(christmas)
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