Ordinary Decent Criminal

Er en Komedie, Thriller, Krimi film instrueret af Thaddeus O'Sullivan med skuespillerne Peter Mullan, Kevin Spacey, Patrick Malahide, Linda Fiorentino fra 2000

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Michael Lynch is Dublin's most notorious criminal, his brazen robberies making him the bane of the Gardaí and a hero to his fellow working class city Northsiders. When not playing happy families with his two wives - sisters Christine and Lisa - and his children, Lynch is busy plotting elaborate heists, thinking as much about the showmanship of it all as he is the loot involved. On his case is Garda Noel Quigley, his determination to convict Lynch slowly turning into an obsession. Inevitably, a showdown looms.

Ordinary Decent Criminal


Genre Komedie, Thriller, Krimi
Originaltitel Ordinary Decent Criminal
Instruktør Thaddeus O'Sullivan
Udgivelsesår 2000
Tags familie(family), affære(affair), anklagemyndigheden(prosecution), maleri(painting), politiet officer(police officer), bande af tyvene(gang of thieves), Master tyv(master thief), udenomsægteskabelig affære(extramarital affair)
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