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Er en Gyser, Thriller film instrueret af Jeffrey Chiang med skuespillerne Carlos Chan, Mimi Kung, Bryant Mak, Carmen Tong fra 2018

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Charlie, a young ambitious property agent joins a successful agency run by wealthy couple, Gordon and Lucy. Charlie soon learns the secret behind the agency’s success. They specialize in buying up dirt-cheap properties after someone has died or been murdered in them. Then they sell them at a higher price without disclosing the horrifying truth to the new owners. Ethical dilemmas soon subside as Charlie enjoys the windfall he makes from every sale. Charlie shrugs off buyers who complain about supernatural happenings and the nightmare they have to endure. Charlie basks in his opulent lifestyle until his clients succumb to the hauntings tragically. Horror beyond imagination ensues as Charlie and his loved ones face supernatural consequences that terrify their very lives.

Buyer Beware


Genre Gyser, Thriller
Originaltitel 吉屋
Instruktør Jeffrey Chiang
Udgivelsesår 2018
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