PlayMe Burlesque

Er en Dokumentar film instrueret af Malgorzata Saniewska med skuespillerne Jo "Boobs" Weldon, Peekaboo Pointe, Amber Ray, Jesse Elder fra 2016

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Behind the curtain of New York's seductive burlesque scene. Risque, raucous, and sexy – PlayMe Burlesque returns to Coney Island, where Burlesque all began, and explores the vibrant characters who make up its electric scene. Featuring everyone from dancers, to hype men, to sound technicians – everyone has a unique story of how they were drawn to this most extravagant and exuberant of art forms. No matter how they got there, one thing’s for sure - everyone is having a ball!

PlayMe Burlesque


Genre Dokumentar
Instruktør Malgorzata Saniewska
Udgivelsesår 2016