The New York Hardcore Chronicles Film 1.5

Er en Musik, Dokumentar film instrueret af Drew Stone med skuespillerne Phillip Leeds, Sammy Siegler, Mark Levine, Walter Schreifels fra 2018

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Director Drew Stone’s New York Hardcore series returns with The New York Chronicles Film 1.5. Featuring never before seen footage and brand new interviews with Sammy Siegler (Youth Of Today / Judge), Jay Peta (Mindforce), Bob Riley Stigmata / Murderers Row) and more. The journey continues throught the community and culture of the iconic New York Hardcore scene that is still vibrant, relevant and going strong to this day. “NYHC Forever And Always!”

The New York Hardcore Chronicles Film 1.5


Genre Musik, Dokumentar
Originaltitel The New York Hardcore Chronicles Film 1.5
Instruktør Drew Stone
Udgivelsesår 2018
Tags nye York(new york), punk Rock, sociologi(sociology), koncert optagelser(concert footage), hardcore punk
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