Partly Cloudy

Er en Action film instrueret af Josh Berman med skuespillerne Banks Gilberti, Tanner Rainville, Josh Bibby, Will Wesson fra 2013

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Everything is baked. The snow has turned to mush and that burn is starting to peel. Fortunately, for those seeking cover from the glare there is a reset on the way. Hot on the heels of Level 1's award-winning film Sunny comes a slightly different forecast. No major disturbances or low-pressure fronts, just a healthy mix of skiing, music, and personality with a low ultraviolet index. Partly Cloudy.

Partly Cloudy


Genre Action
Originaltitel Partly Cloudy
Instruktør Josh Berman, Freedle Coty
Udgivelsesår 2013
Tags skiløb(skiing), sne skiløb(snow skiing)
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