Seve the Movie

Er en Drama, Dokumentar film instrueret af John-Paul Davidson med skuespillerne José Luis Gutiérrez, Maria Molins, Tiger & Woods, Tom Hodgson fra 2014

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With immense natural talent, fierce fighting spirit and film-star good looks, Seve Ballesteros won five majors and 50 European Tour titles, but he was much more than a great golfer. The way Seve hit the ball was beautiful. He had electrifying charisma that transcended his profession. He even strode like a champion. Famous for his audacious recovery shots and phenomenal putting, galleries everywhere flocked to him. The son of a farmer from a sleepy fishing village in northern Spain, Seve rose from humble beginnings to become the No.1 player in the world, revolutionising and popularising golf in the process.

Seve the Movie


Genre Drama, Dokumentar
Originaltitel Seve
Instruktør John-Paul Davidson
Udgivelsesår 2014
Tags Sport, biografi(biography), Golf
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