Sunshine Becomes You

Er en Romantik, Komedie, Drama film instrueret af Rocky Soraya med skuespillerne Boy William, Nabilah Ratna Ayu Azalia, Nabilah Ratna Ayu, Annabella Jusuf fra 2015

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From the Mega Bestseller Novel by Ilana Tan: Alex Hirano, a young man of Japanese descendant, is a famous pianist who is more often in a bad mood than a good one. He currently has writer’s block making his mood worst as he wants to perform his new song on his tour which will start within a week. Nothing is able to change his mood when his bad mood attacks, even his own brother – Ray Hirano, a B-Boy group. One day, Ray asks Alex to meet the girl of his dreams, MIA CLARK at the place where she teaches dance. Alex is very frustrated when he is unable to move his left hand, what he can do with only one hand is destroy his entire kitchen. However, Mia is present to offer herself as Alex’s left hand until he recovers and Alex accepts her as his personal housekeeper. Unwillingly Mia must face his death stare, which can make her heart stop beating. Alex is taking this opportunity to take advantage of Mia, he treats Mia as if she is his personal assistant and although frustrated, Mia accepts it because of the guilt she feels. Initially Alex Hirano prefers to stay away from the girl – the angel of darkness who broke his hand. And then Mia Clark laughed, and Alex wonders how he can even think that a girl with a laugh as bright as the sun is the angel of darkness. Initially, the dark eyes which stare sharply and cold made Mia shiver with fear and hope that earth swallows her that instant. Then Alex smiled, and Mia’s poor heart soars and beats so loud that Mia is afraid that Alex could hear it. Their time spent together made love grow in their hearts. Alex really needs Mia to accompany him when he is alone and Mia always misses Alex when she is alone. Alex finally reveals his feelings for Mia, however Mia does not respond. Because she realizes that with her current condition, she will only give hope to Alex and yet there will never be a future for her and Alex. This also makes Ray feel frustrated because he has told Alex that he loves Mia and feels betrayed.Slowly the secret kept by Mia is revealed, the reason why she cannot dance on the majestic stage, the reason why she may not get too tired and the reason why she MAY NOT FALL IN LOVE. What is it with Mia? And how is Alex coping with Mia’s attitude? A sad ending of love when even the smallest hope can give rise to a new spirit, but a hope is just a hope when destiny determines otherwise for their love. This is a story happening under the New York sky...About a hope which emerges in the midst of despair...About a dream, which survives in the midst of hesitation...And about a love which gives the reason to hold on to life.

Sunshine Becomes You


Genre Romantik, Komedie, Drama
Originaltitel Sunshine Becomes You
Instruktør Rocky Soraya
Udgivelsesår 2015
Tags pianist, hjerte sygdom(heart disease), ballerina
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