Fairy's Game

Er en Familie , Eventyr film instrueret af Shawn Nelson med skuespillerne Tim Russ, Kat Paetzhold, Angela DiMarco, Zamira Dotson fra 2018

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When Tyler and his little sister Jacq find a game in their Grandpa's storage room, they unknowingly release a fairy who transports them to her world. A dark magic is trapped there, and the siblings will have to find a courage they never knew they had if they want to win the game and be granted their greatest wish. But, be careful the deals you make with fairies.

Fairy's Game


Genre Familie , Eventyr
Originaltitel A Fairy's Game
Instruktør Shawn Nelson, Shawn Philip Nelson
Udgivelsesår 2018
Tags fe(fairy), Magic, stærk kvinde(strong woman), søskende(siblings), mod(courage), personlige vækst(personal growth), bestyrelsen spil(board game), kriger(warrior), kvinde kriger(female warrior), God vs onde(good vs evil), parallel verden(parallel world), syg mor(sick mother), bange(scared)
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