K2: Beyond the Comfort Zone

Er en Dokumentar film instrueret af Nils Krebs med skuespillerne Köbi Reichen, NK Film, Mike Horn, Fred Roux fra 2018

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"The impossible only exists until we find a way to make it possible." Mike Horn is one of the most respected adventurers of the world. Together with his climbing partners, Fred Roux and Köbi Reichen, he travels through 13 countries in an attempt to get on top of the most difficult mountain in the world. Immersing into different cultures and breathtaking landscapes, the three explorers get closer to their dream of climbing K2.

K2: Beyond the Comfort Zone


Genre Dokumentar
Originaltitel Beyond the Comfort Zone - 13 Countries to K2
Instruktør Nils Krebs
Udgivelsesår 2018
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