Kill or Be Killed

Er en Action, Eventyr film instrueret af Ivan Hall med skuespillerne Ed Kannemeyer, C.F. Beyers-Boshoff, Daniel DuPlessis, Edward L. Montoro fra 1976

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Martial artist and professional fighter Steve Chase travels to the desert for what he thinks is a prestige martial arts tournament. Turns out, an ex-Nazi General named Baron von Rudloff has organized the competition as a trap to redeem himself from the crushing defeat his martial arts team suffered at the 1936 Summer Olympics at the hands of Japanese martial art powerhouse, Miyagi. When Steve discovers the truth, he attempts to flee with his girlfriend Olga, but von Rudloff finagles a plot that leaves Steve and Olga kidnapped.

Kill or Be Killed


Genre Action, Eventyr
Originaltitel Kill or Be Killed
Instruktør Ivan Hall
Udgivelsesår 1976
Tags karate, ørken(desert), Martial kunst turnering(martial arts tournament)
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