Thunderstruck 17

Er en Action film instrueret af Jim Phelan med skuespillerne Shadia Simmons, Trennis Baer, Rhonda Down, Julio Eiguren fra 2018

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From the tightest chutes in the world, shredded by Randy Swenson, Julio Eiguren and friends, to Linden Ladouceur’s amazing drone winter, to the sky-miles and back-flips of Shad Simmons and Cody Hunt, Thunderstruck 17 will take viewers to that crazy place in the backcountry we all yearn for! Over an hour of the deepest powder, the craziest climbs, mind-numbing technical riding and huge aerials round out this installment of TSFilms! With tons of new riders, new riding areas, and new first ascents! A Jim Phelan Film, family and kid friendly!

Thunderstruck 17


Genre Action
Originaltitel Thunderstruck 17
Instruktør Jim Phelan
Udgivelsesår 2018
Tags Sport
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