Er en Action, Komedie film instrueret af Abhinav Kashyap med skuespillerne Salman Khan, Murli Sharma, Tinnu Anand, Dilip Shukla fra 2010

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Set in Uttar Pradesh, Dabangg is the story of Chulbul Pandey (Salman Khan), a totally fearless yet corrupt police officer with unorthodox methods. But even the most fearless face a tough fight with their innermost demons. Chulbul has had a bitter childhood. His father passed away when he was very young after which his mother Naini (Dimple Kapadia) married Prajapati Pandey (Vinod Khanna). Together, they had a son Makhanchan (Arbaaz Khan). Prajapati favors Makhanchan, which does not go down well with Chulbul. He decides to take control of his destiny and detaches himself from his stepfather and half brother. After his mother's demise and an unsuccessful attempt to mend wounds, Chulbul snaps all ties with his stepfather and half brother. Rajo (Sonakshi Sinha) with her unique perspective of life enters his world and turns life upside down. Chulbul starts to see life in a more positive manner and begins to appreciate family values. Soon his enemies, especially the dubious Chedi Singh (Sonu Sood) emerge as spokes in the wheels, putting one brother against the other. Makhanchan ends up carrying out an unwarranted act for those he believes to be allies. When he realizes he has been used, he turns to Chulbul.



Genre Action, Komedie
Originaltitel दबंग्ग
Instruktør Abhinav Kashyap
Udgivelsesår 2010
Tags kæmpe(fight), politiet officer(police officer)
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