Er en Drama film instrueret af Vijay Anand med skuespillerne Praveen Paul, Leela Chitnis, Dev Anand, Rashid Khan fra 1965

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One of the most remarkable films in Indian Cinema. A film ahead of its time in its theme and the bold handling of the subject. The film deals with Raju Guide (Dev Anand) encouraging the frustrated Rosie (Waheeda Rehman), a talented dancer, to step out of her destructive and confining marriage to Marco, an archeologist, and become a dancer in her own right. Rosie and Raju's romance, blossoms. In a moment of weakness Raju forges Rosie's signature and lands in prison. When he is released, he hesitates to return to his hometown and decides to search for his fortunes elsewhere. He ends up in a remote village temple wearing over his threadbare clothes, a saffron scarf and finds himself suddenly elevated to the position of a holy man. For Raju the play acting becomes the reality. He starts believing that this is a task assigned to him by god.



Genre Drama
Originaltitel Guide
Instruktør Vijay Anand
Udgivelsesår 1965
Tags musikalske(musical), faldende i Kærlighed(falling in love), kone mand forholdet(wife husband relationship), forsøgt selvmord(attempted suicide), lille Villiage(small villiage)
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