Er en Drama film instrueret af Amiel Courtin-Wilson med skuespillerne Daniel P. Jones, Leanne Letch fra 2012

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Fresh from a Melbourne jail, Dan is reunited with the love of his life, Leanne. A fierce, passionate and tender couple who have learnt to appreciate the simplest pleasures in life, Dan and Leanne celebrate, and when surrounded by friends he announces he has resolved to go straight. Believing he can change with Leanne by his side, Dan finds a job and slowly builds a new life. Unforeseen circumstances intervene and Dan, having lived for years on the verge of excess and violence, is inexorably lured back to crime to survive. When a mysterious old criminal friend of Leanne's appears with a proposition for Dan that could finally provide for the woman he loves, Dan explodes in jealousy, frustration and uncontrollable rage. Then Leanne is ripped away from him. How could this happen? Who was responsible? Alone now and haunted by damning memories, Dan is sucked helter-skelter into a savage, hallucinatory vortex of primal revenge to take back what is his. A searingly intimate story of love, loss, fate and chaos, Hail is a visionary maelstrom of unbelievable and mesmeric power unlike anything you have seen before.



Genre Drama
Originaltitel Hail
Instruktør Amiel Courtin-Wilson
Udgivelsesår 2012
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