The Deadly Breaking Sword

Er en Action, Drama film instrueret af Sun Chung med skuespillerne Ng Hong-Sang, Eddy Ko, Yuen Bun, 谷峰 fra 1979

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The legendary Ti Lung unites with Jackie Chan's kung-fu comedic rival, Alexander Fu Sheng, to defeat an assassin being controlled by the demented Doctor Guo Tiansheng. Acclaimed choreographer Tang Chia's action scenes and sight gags are bewitching to behold.

The Deadly Breaking Sword


Genre Action, Drama
Originaltitel 風流斷劍小小刀
Instruktør Sun Chung, 孫仲
Udgivelsesår 1979
Tags Martial kunst(martial arts), Kung Fu, kvinde Martial kunstner(female martial artist)
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