Er en Action, Thriller film instrueret af Tanuja Chandra med skuespillerne Jas Arora, Girish Dhamija, Pooja Bhatt, Robin Bhatt fra 1998

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Kajol plays a dual role of twin sisters Sonia and Naina, in this crime thriller. Sonia gets raped and brutally killed by the antagonist Gokul. Enraged, Naina sets out to avenge her sister's death, where she meets blind, retired Major Suraj Singh Rathod, who trains her to plan her revenge. However, the two get into an argument and Naina decides to go on the mission alone. Will she be successful?



Genre Action, Thriller
Originaltitel Dushman
Instruktør Tanuja Chandra
Udgivelsesår 1998
Tags kvinde direktør(woman director)
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