Lampedusa in Winter

Er en Dokumentar film instrueret af Jakob Brossmann med skuespillerne Giacomo Mercurio, Nela Märki, Annalisa D'Ancona, Guiseppe Billeci fra 2015

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The small “refugee island” of Lampedusa is in the firm grip of winter. Tourists have left, the remaining refugees demonstrate to be taken to the mainland. As a fire destroys the worn-down ferry, that connects the island to Sicily, mayor Giusi Nicolini and the local fishermen fight for a new ship. The tiny community at the edge of Europe is engaged in a desperate struggle for solidarity with those who many consider the cause of the ongoing crisis: the African boat people.

Lampedusa in Winter


Genre Dokumentar
Originaltitel Lampedusa in Winter
Instruktør Jakob Brossmann
Udgivelsesår 2015
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