Love & Saucers

Er en Romantik, Dokumentar film instrueret af Brad Abrahams med skuespillerne Jeffrey Kripal, David Huggins, Grant Ibrahim, Matt Ralston fra 2017

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74 year-old David Huggins lives a quiet, solitary life in Hoboken, NJ. He spends his days painting landscapes and still-lives, tidying up the house, and working part-time in a local deli. But David's mild-mannered exterior belies a truly mystifying story. Since childhood, he’s experienced a lifetime of bizarreencounters with otherworldly beings, including losing his virginity to an extra-terrestrial woman at 17. As self-therapy David’s chronicled these encounters in surreal impressionist paintings. And it’s through these striking, bizarre, and uncomfortable paintings that his story is told, transporting us into his world. Conversations with family, friends, and experts reveal surprising insights into the ultimate question: what really happened to David? Are his experiences dream, hallucination, or reality? One thing is for certain, to David, these encounters are as real as the ground beneath his feet.

Love & Saucers


Genre Romantik, Dokumentar
Originaltitel Love & Saucers
Instruktør Brad Abrahams
Udgivelsesår 2017
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