Revolution Day

Er en Sport film instrueret af Trip Taylor med skuespillerne Jed Mildon, James Foster fra 2015

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Revolution Day: The Chase for the Biggest Trick in Action Sports History is the story of two amazing Nitro Circus athletes on a quest to be the first person to perform the greatest trick in the history of action sports, an astonishing quadruple back flip on a BMX bike. Revolution Day chronicles the nine month journey of the world’s best BMX riders and best friends, James Foster from Southern California and Jed Mildon a true Maori Warrior from Taupo, New Zealand. The journey begins with a countdown to the second with both riders jumping simultaneously at opposite ends of the world. But right from the opening countdown this battle was fraught with epic crashes and mind bending body failures and injuries, as these two courageous athletes somehow continued this quest despite what seemed insurmountable setbacks. Revolution Day was meant to be completed in a matter of hours but instead it stretched out over nine excruciating months! Join Jed and James and the Nitro crew for a no-holds-barred, behind-the-scenes journey of two men who prove beyond a doubt that with great courage, extraordinary determination and an unshakable belief in never giving up on your dreams, you can overcome seemingly impossible adversity, defy the odds and achieve greatness. This is a story that will make you laugh, cry, stand up and cheer and at times not be able to even look, as in the end despite both men being so incredibly deserved, only one could create history. This is the story of Revolution Day.

Revolution Day


Genre Sport
Instruktør Trip Taylor, Jeremy Rawle, Michael Porra
Udgivelsesår 2015