Er en Action, Eventyr film instrueret af Josh Berman med skuespillerne Keegan Kilbride, LJ Strenio, Jonny Durst, Rob Heule fra 2017

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There are as many paths as there are people. Some choose to be carpet salesman, others choose to be skiers. These behaviors are part of life's routine, and consciously or not, we're all slaves to it somehow. But you can't have the result without the process - you must get up to go down. Let this be your ski guide to the minutia, the frivolities and of course the addiction to pure, uncut, freedom. Go ahead, scratch that itch. Because after all, we are creatures of HABIT.



Genre Action, Eventyr
Originaltitel Habit
Instruktør Josh Berman, Jonny Durst, Freedle Coty, Jonny Durst, Freedle Coty
Udgivelsesår 2017
Tags Sport, Ski, vinter(winter), Extreme Sport(extreme sports), sne skiløb(snow skiing)
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