Clan of the White Lotus

Er en Action film instrueret af Lo Lieh med skuespillerne Gordon Liu Chia-Hui, San Sin, Hsiao Ho, Cheng Miu fra 1980

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Lo Lieh was famous as Shaw Studio’s first international kung-fu film star. He was famous throughout Asia for dozens of superlative performances in everything from horror to modern thrillers to martial arts. But it was the rare saga Lo also directed, and this was one of those special events. Following his huge success starring as the infamous Shaolin Temple traitor in preeminent kung-fu filmmaker Liu Chia-liang’s Executioners From Shaolin, he returned to the role in this, a combination sequel and remake. Liu stayed on as choreographer, while his famed adoptive brother, Gordon Liu Chia-hui, and his discovery, Hui Ying-hung, stepped into the starring roles. The result is a lighter-hearted entertainment, as our hero learns "Embroidery Fist" and acupuncture to counter the evil White Lotus leader’s deadly "Weightless Boxing" and "Nerve Centre Shutdown" techniques. The permutations of their fights are delightful to behold.

Clan of the White Lotus


Genre Action
Originaltitel 洪文定三破白蓮教
Instruktør Lo Lieh
Udgivelsesår 1980
Tags Martial kunst(martial arts)
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