Accused of Murder

Er en Action, Thriller film instrueret af Joseph Kane med skuespillerne David Brian, Ian MacDonald, W.R. Burnett, Claire Carleton fra 1956

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Martin Scorsese Presents REPUBLIC REDISCOVERED—over 20 rarely seen films from the storied Republic Pictures library, restored and remastered by Paramount and personally curated by Martin Scorsese. In Accused of Murder a gangland lawyer is murdered there are two suspects, a beautiful nightclub singer and a hood named Stan, who has been hired by underworld boss to assassinate him. House director Joseph Kane adapts the Republic crime film formula to the era of color and widescreen, employing Republic’s anamorphic “Naturama” process to intensify this thriller.

Accused of Murder


Genre Action, Thriller
Originaltitel Accused of Murder
Instruktør Joseph Kane
Udgivelsesår 1956
Tags mord(murder), nat Club sanger(night club singer)
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