Lost Atlas

Er en Dokumentar film instrueret af Kai Neville med skuespillerne Andrew Doheny, Dane Reynolds, Yadin Nicol, Dusty Payne fra 2011

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Kai Neville is the director of 2009's game-changing surf film Modern Collective. Starring the sport's six most innovative surfers, the film was like a series of machine gun blasts across the bow of contemporary surfing. This August, Kai Neville released Lost Atlas, featuring the original six from Mod Coll and introducing surfing's newest guns. With its emphasis on performance and struck to a soundtrack that veers across all genres, Lost Atlas is the must-see surf film of 2011. Starring; DION AGIUS, OWEN WRIGHT, CRAIG ANDERSON, JORDY SMITH, DANE REYNOLDS, EVAN GEISELMAN, CONNER COFFIN, KOLOHE ANDINO, JULIAN WILSON, DUSTY PAYNE, YADIN NICOL, WADE GOODALL, JOHN FLORENCE, MITCH COLEBORN, CHIPPA WILSON & DILLON PERILLO.

Lost Atlas


Genre Dokumentar
Instruktør Kai Neville
Udgivelsesår 2011