Hicks On Sticks

Er en Biografi, Dokumentar, Eventyr film instrueret af Soren Johnstone med skuespillerne Ian Comishin, Josh Evin fra 2012

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In the summer of 1999, a team of four skateboarders and two bands embarked on a life changing tour. The goal was to inspire kids in rural areas by exposing them to skateboarding and music they wouldn’t otherwise have an opportunity to see in person. Towing a 5,000 pound portable skateboard park behind an old van with failing brakes, the young team travelled nearly 3,000 km through the mountains of Western Canada. The film features the skateboarding of the late Canadian legend Josh Evin, along with Eugene Voykin, Mike Evans and Shane Wallace.

Hicks On Sticks


Genre Biografi, Dokumentar, Eventyr
Instruktør Soren Johnstone
Udgivelsesår 2012