Batman vs. Two-Face

Er en Action, Komedie, Animation film instrueret af Rick Morales med skuespillerne Thomas Lennon, William Salyers, Adam West, Sirena Irwin fra 2017

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Holy coin flipping conundrums, Batman! When a device meant to remove the evil from the criminal mind goes haywire, Gotham City’s D.A., Harvey Dent is transformed into the sinister split personality – Two-Face! Add in the crime creating chaos of Joker, Penguin, and Riddler and the Dynamic Duo may be overwhelmed and outmatched. Can a helping claw from the coy Catwoman unravel this confounded case and foil Two-Face’s maniacal endgame? Starring the legendary voice talents of William Shatner as Two-Face, Adam West, Burt Ward, and Julie Newmar, this DC Original movie is destined to thrill Bat-fans one and all!

Batman vs. Two-Face


Genre Action, Komedie, Animation
Originaltitel Batman vs. Two-Face
Instruktør Rick Morales
Udgivelsesår 2017
Tags superhelte(superhero), baseret på Comic(based on comic), DC tegneserier(dc comics)
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