On the Pipe 7: The Last Hit

Er en Dokumentar film instrueret af Jay Schweitzer med skuespillerne Jimmy Hill, Eric Everly, Eigo Sato, Mat Hoffman fra 2017

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Join Director Jay Schweitzer on a historical journey across the globe documenting the most progressive dirt bike riding of all time.   Follow the distance backflip battle between Wes Agee and rising phenom Brian McCarty as they risk mortality to flip the biggest freeride natural terrain jumps on the planet.  Travel to Thomas Pages’ training facility, in France for an inside look at how the Pages brothers became the most innovative FMX riders this century.  Head to Maui for the first ever freeride shoot on a brand new 6-pack, dirt double line, built on this surreal island oasis.  Join one of the greatest sand dune riders Josh Grant, as he turns Glamis Dunes into his private playground.  Re-discover a legendary California train jump, as new blood attempts the inconceivable. Learn how the Struckman Ranch in Montana become the newest big jump free ride paradise.  Finally, head to Pala raceway in San Diego to find out who will pull off a 3 jump, daredevil line; a distance world record backflip over 200 feet and world record 1/4 pipe high air. OTP7 brings back the shock and awe with one-time daredevil flips, tricks, and crashes. The On the Pipe series takes you on an epic adventure of mind blowing feats and record breaking jumps.

On the Pipe 7: The Last Hit


Genre Dokumentar
Originaltitel On The Pipe 7: The Last Hit
Instruktør Jay Schweitzer
Udgivelsesår 2017
Tags motocross, fmx, freestyle motocross
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