Have Sword, Will Travel

Er en Action, Eventyr film instrueret af Chang Cheh med skuespillerne David Chiang, 谷峰, 邵仁枚, Lau Gong fra 1969

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Legendary director Cheh Chang directs Ti Lung and David Chiang in the "heroic bloodshed" classic 'Have Sword, Will Travel'. As Hsiang Ting (Ti Lung) escorts silver to the capital, he runs into a mysterious knight, Le I (David Chiang), who becomes his savior.

Have Sword, Will Travel


Genre Action, Eventyr
Originaltitel 保鏢
Instruktør Chang Cheh, Cheh Chang
Udgivelsesår 1969
Tags sværd kæmpe(sword fight), Kærlighed trekant(love triangle)
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