The Twin Swords

Er en Action film instrueret af Sui Jang Hung med skuespillerne Ivy Ling Po, 邵仁枚, Kao Pao-shu, Yuen Woo-Ping fra 1965

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Expect plenty of hard-edged action in 'The Twin Swords' in which Jimmy Wang Yu and Chin Ping play a couple who stumble into a kidnapping plot at the Red Lotus Temple. But will they be able to foil the bad guys?

The Twin Swords


Genre Action
Originaltitel 火燒紅蓮寺之鴛鴦劍俠
Instruktør Sui Jang Hung, Hsu Tseng-Hung
Udgivelsesår 1965
Tags Martial kunst(martial arts)
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