The Yellow Sea

Er en Thriller, Krimi, Drama film instrueret af Na Hong-jin med skuespillerne Kwak Do-won, Cho Seong-Ha, Sung-ha Jo, Yun-seok Kim fra 2010

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The story of a cab driver in Yanji City, a region between North Korea, China and Russia. His wife goes to Korea to earn money, but he doesn't hear from her since in 6 months. He plays mah-jong to make some extra cash, but this only makes his life worse; but then he meets a hitman who proposes to turn his life around by repaying his debt and reuniting with his wife, just for one hit.

The Yellow Sea


Genre Thriller, Krimi, Drama
Originaltitel Hwanghae
Instruktør Na Hong-jin
Udgivelsesår 2010
Tags vold(violence), finger cut off, økse i den hoved(axe in the head), mahjong, skud i den arm(shot in the arm), mand på Top(man on top)
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