Building a Dancer

Er en Drama, Dokumentar film instrueret af Brendon Hansford med skuespillerne Dax O'Callaghan, Christopher Tendai, Brendon Hansford, James Williams fra 2018

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From crippling lows to joyous highs, and everything in between, we follow the journey of one dancer to realise their dream of ‘making it’. Funny, intimate and raw, learn first hand what it takes to succeed in today's highly competitive, and ever-shifting, commercial dance industry. Director and Choreographer Brendon Hansford builds one professional dancer from the ground up and within this Vlog documentary he sets out to demystify this notoriously difficult industry. In the process, the documentary offers insights, trends, tips and truths passed on by industry experts such as Matt Steffanina, Brittney Cherry, Stuart Bishop, Adam Parson and Dax O’Callaghan. The Director says: “This feature strips away the glamorous facade of dancers. It is not about how to be a good dancer, but rather how to become a successful business, we truly are 'building a dancer'. ”

Building a Dancer


Genre Drama, Dokumentar
Instruktør Brendon Hansford
Udgivelsesår 2018