The Windsurfing Movie

Er en Action, Eventyr film med skuespillerne Jason Polakow, Levi Siver fra 2007

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"The Windsurfing Movie" has been hailed by festivals, magazines, fans and professionals alike as the defining film about windsurfing. Directed by award-winning cinematographer Johnny DeCesare and featuring the best riders in windsurfing history, "The Windsurfing Movie" conveys the beauty, history, challenges and extreme dangers of this breath-taking sport. Filmed on location in Belgium, Cabo Verde, Fiji, Germany, Maui, Morocco, New Cacedonia, Oahu and Pozo!

The Windsurfing Movie


Genre Action, Eventyr
Originaltitel The Windsurfing Movie
Udgivelsesår 2007
Tags Sport, Sport film(sports film), windsurfing
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