Er en Kort, Drama film instrueret af Payal Sethi med skuespillerne Barkat Khan, Agha Asker Hussain, Sayani Gupta, Preeti Golacha fra 2016

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Raisa lives with her Ammi and three younger sisters in Hyderabad's Old City. When Ammi promises her 13-year old daughter, Zainab, in marriage to a foreign businessman, Raisa decides that she must save her little sister. In a custom that has found new roots among poor families in Muslim ghettos, rich patrons pay for an arrangement brokered by efficient agents, while a pliant cleric draws up both marriage and divorce contracts simultaneously, so that the businessman is free to end the sham union whenever he is ready to leave the city. Desperate to find a way out for Zainab, Raisa hatches a dangerous and irreversible plan involving an archaic remedy that promises to restore a girl's virginity.



Genre Kort, Drama
Instruktør Payal Sethi
Udgivelsesår 2016