Bound By Flesh

Er en Dokumentar film instrueret af Leslie Zemeckis med skuespillerne Blake Boyd, Lea Thompson, Tim Stack, Nancy Allen fra 2012

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Bound by a ribbon of flesh through which blood and fluids circulate, Siamese twins Violet and Daisy were famous from the day they were born; the same day their mother abandoned them to the wolves. The Hilton sisters story is at once tragic and inspiring, offering a cautionary tale about the fickleness of show-biz. Cherub-like in matching dresses, their tidy hairdos topped with big matching bows, the Hilton sisters show off their musical ability. Back to back on a stool, Violet plays piano, while Daisy, on saxophone, perches facing the audience. Their confident musicianship and winning smiles dispel any idea of them as 'freaks'. Even at this young age, they seem like born entertainers, with confidence beyond their years. They give a mesmerising performance. In reality, this on-stage joie de vivre was as insincere as it was irresistible. Mary Hilton, who bought them from their mother at birth, saw their moneymaking potential immediately. She taught them to sing and dance by force, and beat them if they resisted, turning them from a sideshow curiosity into a bona fide act, ready for the American carnival circuit: the Hilton sisters. Bound by Flesh is a riveting look at the individual hopes and dreams of two extraordinary women who shared one body.

Bound By Flesh


Genre Dokumentar
Originaltitel Bound by Flesh
Instruktør Leslie Zemeckis
Udgivelsesår 2012
Tags kvinde direktør(woman director), karneval(carnival), Siameser tvillinger(siamese twins), vaudeville, SideShow, freaks, konjunktion tvillinger(conjoined twins), Hilton søstre(hilton sisters)
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