Star Trek IX: Insurrection

Er en Action, Thriller film instrueret af Jonathan Frakes med skuespillerne Gregg Henry, Patrick Stewart, F. Murray Abraham, Marina Sirtis fra 1999

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Engage! Captain Jean-Luc Picard (Patrick Stewart) and his Next Generation crew are back and so is the excitement and fun in this "polished film that shines like a crown jewel in the Star Trek firmament" (George Powell, San Francisco Examiner). From the beginning of the Federation, the Prime Directive was clear: no Starfleet expedition may interfere with the natural development of other civilizations. But now Picard is confronted with orders that undermine that decree. If he obeys, 600 peaceful residents of Ba'ku will be forcibly removed from their remarkable world, all for the reportedly greater good of millions who will benefit from Ba'ku's fountain - of - youth - like powers. If he disobeys, he will risk his starship, his career, his life. But for Picard, there's really only one choice. He must rebel against Starfleet…and lead the insurrection to preserve paradise.

Star Trek IX: Insurrection


Genre Action, Thriller
Originaltitel Star Trek: Insurrection
Instruktør Jonathan Frakes
Udgivelsesår 1999
Tags plads Opera(space opera), gengældelse(retribution), løjtnant Commander(lieutenant commander), rumfartøj officer(spacecraft officer), eksploderende skib(exploding ship)
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