Reno 911!: Miami

Er en Action, Komedie, Eventyr film instrueret af Ben Garant med skuespillerne Michael Shamberg, J.P. Manoux, Dwayne Johnson, Niecy Nash fra 2007

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If you love un-pixilated boob shots, exploding whales and cops gone wild, ride along as the stars of the wildly popular Comedy Central series Reno! 911 make their big-screen debut! When Miami’s “real” police force is quarantined, the Reno misfits, in town for a cop convention, become the only hope for the citizens of South Beach. But with access to high-speed patrol cars, lethal firearms and a killer attack chopper, Lt. Dangle and his bumbling crew may just destroy Miami before the criminals can.

Reno 911!: Miami


Genre Action, Komedie, Eventyr
Originaltitel Reno 911!: Miami
Instruktør Ben Garant, Robert Ben Garant
Udgivelsesår 2007
Tags Beach, politiet(police), terrorist, angreb(attack), mockumentary, Shootout, eksplosion(explosion), parodi(parody), narkotika(drugs)
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