Kid from Kwangtung

Er en Action film instrueret af Hsu Hsia med skuespillerne Kwan Fung, Huang Cheng-li, Sharon Yeung Pan-Pan, Yuan Te fra 1982

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After many years as a respected actor (The Chinese Boxer) and action choreographer (Jackie Chan's Drunken Master), the Shaw Studio finally gave the dependable and commendable Hsu Hsia a chance to direct his own movies. He didn't waste the opportunity, inviting three other kung-fu designers to help on this fight-filled thriller. Wang Yu, co-star of such classics as Dirty Ho and The Kid With A Tattoo, here takes center stage as a young rascal caught between an anti-Ching Confederation and violent, vengeful Ching troops. But when he discovers that the good guys are led by master martial arts actor Jen Shih-kuan (Once Upon A Time In China) and the bad guys are led by the incredible Huang Cheng-li (Snake In The Eagle's Shadow) everyone knows that loads of great kung-fu is in store.

Kid from Kwangtung


Genre Action
Originaltitel 廣東靚仔玉
Instruktør Hsu Hsia
Udgivelsesår 1982
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