The Lonely Italian

Er en Komedie, Dokumentar film instrueret af Lee Farber med skuespillerne Domenico Nesci, Giovanni Labadessa, Mirela Burke, Claire Gerety-Mott fra 2017

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When we think of Italian men, we think of suave, debonair lovers with an endless slew of willing ladies at their beck and call. Domenico Nesci is not one of those Italian men. Rather, he is a foreigner with a very common problem: he just can't connect with members of the opposite sex. Why? Because everywhere he goes, women are buried in their smart-phones, their tablets, their laptops, looking down instead of looking around, hoping that technology will bring them closer to their soulmate in this new era of interconnectivity. So Domenico decides not only to join the online masses, but to document his journey as he joins every dating site he can, from mainstream to fringe, casting an ever-widening net in the hopes he can find the love of his life.

The Lonely Italian


Genre Komedie, Dokumentar
Originaltitel The Lonely Italian
Instruktør Lee Farber
Udgivelsesår 2017
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