Er en Dokumentar film instrueret af Charles Ferguson med skuespillerne Pete McCloskey, Daniel Ellsberg, Robert Morgan, William Ruckelshaus fra 2018

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From Academy Award®-winning director Charles Ferguson (Inside Job), comes the full story of the conspiracy led by President Richard Nixon and his White House staff and how they were brought to justice. New interviews with journalists, senior Nixon administration officials, members of congress, and prosecutors - combined with archival footage and newly sourced information from the Nixon White House tapes - will bring a fresh perspective on the complex Watergate case.



Genre Dokumentar
Originaltitel Watergate
Instruktør Charles Ferguson
Udgivelsesår 2018
Tags 1970s, Washington DC(washington d.c.), Watergate skandale(watergate scandal), realityshowet(docudrama), Richard Nixon, undersøgende journalistik(investigative journalism), 20. århundrede(20th century), watergate, tape optagelse  (tape recording  ), skæve politiker(crooked politician), forenede stater historie(united states history), forenede stater politik(united states politics)
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